Monday, December 20, 2010

Totoro Thought Train

...Thought train, baby, thought train... [Sung to the tune of Love Shack]

This is quite a random post but my brain works in quite a random way so there you go. Let me talk you through it:

2. Reminisced fondly about Kate's Totoro necklace which has been on my Etsy favourite fo' ages.

3. Reminisced fondly about Totoro and Miyazaki in general.


4. Remembered how I nearly fell off my sofa in excitement when I saw Totoro in Toy Story 3. BEST CAMEO EVER.

5. Dreamed of a Totoro soft toy and contemplated the general excellence of TS3...

End of random train of thought. Very cheerful.

Chuck x


  1. I haven't seen Toy Story 3 but now I simply must - I love Totoro! It was on Film 4 the other day and I was so excited, but it was dubbed in English - sacrilege.

  2. All the English dubbed Miyazaki's are dreadful, I don't know why they do it. I think they have Bruce Willis in Spirited Away. NO, thanks...
    Totoro is adorable though!

  3. I LOVE Totoro and when I took my brother (who is 18, we're such kids) to see Toy Story, I got so excited and he was like '...what?'