Monday, December 27, 2010

The One Where I Shopped My Closet

I know, the expression 'shop your closet' makes me throw up in my mouth a bit too but I actually did it! I may or may not do a 'things I got for Christmas' post a little bit later (probably not actually but I'm sure things will feature) but in the mean time I give you this amazing cardigan...

Knitted by my granny and found in my cupboard! I am so pleased with this. It was created for me when I was about nine and was considerably too big. Sure, the torso was large but mostly I remember being blown away by the arm length. The arms came to my knees, my hands reached the elbows. I put it away assuming that it would never ever fit me but unable to donate a piece of couture. And then I forgot about it.

To be fair, this isn't my standard cupboard. This is more of a hole in my wall where I put things I don't wear but don't want to throw away. I look in it curiously maybe once a year and then forget about it. [One of the main things we are learning from this story is that I clearly don't have a very good memory.] Recently while browsing very expensive bobble knit jumpers on ASOS/Topshop it occurred to me that I might not need to buy one. I might have a genuine, homemade alternative... And I did! Check out the bobbles on this...

And I have finally grown in to it! I always assumed that my arms would never be long enough but I underestimated my grannny. She has smarts - my hands are exactly where they should be. I'm loving the navy, the buttons, the knit patterns. What a wonderful free find. Thanks, 'closet'.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Chuck x


  1. I am forever rooting through my wardrobe in hopes of hidden treasures, but alas, nothing bar some odd too small trousers, or a skirt left over from my size 18 days!

  2. What a great surprise, and it is much nicer than anything you could have bought new.