Monday, December 13, 2010

Lipstick Love

Would any of your loved ones appreciate a perfect red lipstick for Christmas? Tragically none of mine would. Mother, father, sister, boyfriend - none of them lipstick wearers! I can think of a couple of friends who enjoy a red lip (although less than I would have expected given my love of lippie) but we're mostly rocking a poverty induced present amnesty. Sensible but disappointing when I come across a perfect present like this.

I SO want to buy someone the Daniel Sandler All for Eve lipstick. All net profits go to the Eve Appeal which was set up 'to save women's lives by funding groundbreaking research into the prevention, detection, treatment and care of gynaecological cancers'. Gynaecological cancers don't get enough press and this is such a great cause. And the product looks great too - win/win. Daniel Sandler's make-up is supposed to be very good and the red looks really rich and luscious. I remember reading about the collaboration aaages ago on DisneyRollerGirl and then forgetting about it but Christmas is the perfect time to remember. Everyone loves lipstick afterall (apart from my fam - boo)...

I really hope someone buys this. If I have any money left after Christmas I might just have to treat myself.

[I was going to post an entirely gratuitous picture of Bette Davis in All About Eve but Blogger was being rubbish... Sad times.]

Chuck x


  1. Ugh I love lipstick, it makes me feel girly. What makes me feel like a grown ass woman is a right to choice all the way!

  2. I LOVE lipstick! If only we were real life friends... ;) Will definitely be checking this stuff out; what a great shade and cause. x

  3. Pro-choice always. My body, my choice. The more the merrier!

    Aww, sad it doesn't suit. Guess makeup professionals might say this is just because you haven't found the right shade? I'm not sure it necessarily suits me but I like the effect...

    Maybe next year Emma!